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What are the important features of SharePoint 2013 that will benefit you?

What are the important features of SharePoint 2013 that will benefit you?

SharePoint, which began with a simple version in 2007, has gained popularity over the years. SharePoint 13 has now brought many new features and enhancement in Content Management System. In this blog, let us discuss some of the new features of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 that will benefit web designers, web developers and website architects.

  • As in previous versions SharePoint 2013 also uses a reliable and powerful platform.
  • The existing framework provides all necessary core features, enhanced capabilities and improved features.
  • The new model enables easy building, customizing and maintaining sites that are built to meet customer needs.
  • The new Distributed Cache service helps to improve SharePoint functionality.
  • The new SharePoint 2013 has provided new features of content publishing that enables sites with more enriched, complex and flexible contents. ‘Catalog’ and ‘Cross site Publishing’, Contact Search Web Part and multiple SP site URL’s are the features that has made this possible.
  • With improved variations, integration with cross site, Enhanced Meta data management, Translation services and Country code Top level domain, building multi lingual internet portals have become easy and efficient.
  • The new web page architecture stresses on clean HTML markup and light weight web pages.
  • A new tool called ‘Design Manager’ has proved to be a boon to web designers and SharePoint developers. This tool automatically converts HTML file to SharePoint Master Page.
  • ‘Device Channels’ plays a major role in making the site viewable on all devices.
  • The new SharePoint 2013 has all the SEO features that enable hosting of internet facing websites. This has features like automatically created robots.txt file, XML sitemap, no home page redirection and friendly URL’s.

More than 60% of the large enterprises use SharePoint technology in all their searches,  business intelligence and record management endeavors. In this blog I have discussed some features of SharePoint 2013 to help you take better business decisions.-

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