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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Microsoft SharePoint Business Intelligence Houston

At Fusiondocx we provide BI solutions that help you access business information you need that will help you take powerful business decisions. Interactive dashboards and score cards help users to access and configure information that fit their business needs. We provide BI solutions that make use of all relevant and useful information, turn them into meaningful information and help you in taking proper business decisions.

Our Business Intelligence includes:

  • Services to manage the complete BI cycle.
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) can be determined and used to create effective dashboards.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to acquire data from many resources and do a data analysis DAX (Data Analysis Expression)

The benefits of Business Intelligence tools:

  • SharePoint Insight is a tool that helps you take better and effective business decisions. Using dashboards and score cards you can effectively measure the success of the company,and specific strategies can be made to improve the business efficiency of the organization. This business efficiency can be observed, tracked and shared with the other employees.
  • Business Intelligence Excel is a tool that enables users to create reports easily.
  • The Report Center is actually is a central location to store business related information. This center contains document libraries, reports, lists to store data, templates and web part to create web pages.
  • You can also use data from other applications such as Sibel, SAP etc.
  • KPI is very essential for teams managers and administrators to find out how much progress have we made as compared to the goals.
  • Dashboards are tools that are used to communicate status and to drive action.

We provide Business Intelligence Solutions to suit your business needs. Call us @ (281) 940-7999 and we are there to help you.

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