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What is an Intranet?

Used internally in an organization, Intranet is a smaller version of Internet. This actually is a storage of information of the enterprise and are made easily available to the users, so that they need not go here and there hunting for the organizational information. Through Intranet, the employees of any enterprise are empowered to view any information of the organization that is required and take intelligent business decisions.

At Fusiondocx, we provide intranet solutions that will help you reduce IT spending and increase business efficiency. We design such good intranets that will help organizations deliver efficient business solutions and at the same time increase the productivity of employees. We provide customized Intranet to suit your business requirements using which the employees are given permission to access from a single point and get connected to the other employees, and to gain relevant information pertaining to the organization.

The benefits are:

  • All relevant information of the organization can be streamlined easily.
  • Archiving of relevant information enables inter and intra department exchange information easily and effectively.
  • All the employee get information in a fraction of a second. All information can be flashed to all employees, whether it is a small trivial one or a big official announcement.
  • Information regarding leave applications, leave status and other announcements like official bonus and other HR announcements can be accessed easily.
  • Intranet integration can be done depending upon the branding of the organization.
  • Enables all employers have in depth knowledge of all the information of the organization.

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