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SharePoint Workflows

SharePoint Workflows Services

SharePoint Workflows Services

What is a workflow?

It is one of the automation business process in which using a set of procedures, some information on tasks are passed from one user to another for action or for taking business decisions. A workflow is like a flowchart that defines any business process and enables function like reviews, tasks lists, notifications, alerts, triggers, reminders, due dates reports and other functionalities. Using relevant Workflow process like assignment reviews, approval processes, request to update, email notification can be easily automated and requires no technical help. We offer workflow features that empowers administrators and managers automate processes and help them save money and time.

The following Workflows play a major role in automating processes in any business organization:

  1. Feedback collection: This workflow can be initiated by any empowered person of administration on management or any other person and can be sent to others for feedback. The receivers can view the information, enter their feedback and send it back. The data thus received can be saved in the document libraries.
  2. Approval Workflow: Any document that needs approval to any business issue can be sent to concerned persons for approval. The document then gets approval and is stored in the document library. This is connected to page library on the website and thus can be viewed from the website.
  3. Signature Collections Workflow: This is used to collect digital signatures from the participants of a relevant business client program. This is again stored in the document library.
  4. Three state Workflows: This workflow has three stages. It initially creates a task for the users. When the user completes this task, then the status of this task changes from ‘initial task’ to ‘Resolved’. When the user completely finishes the task, then the status changes to ‘closed’.

Workflow are created according to the business requirements. Before you design the workflow you have to customize your website. Every workflow is attached to a SharePoint list or a Library. So your site must have atleast one list or library.

The following are the features of workflows:

  • Can easily be created. No coding required.
  • Any number of processes can be managed using the widgets available.
  • The centralized administration is available to administer any workflow easily.
  • New workflows can be created easily over the existing ones.

The benefits are:

  • Business processes become more efficient.
  • Complexities of decision making reduces and decisions made by the organizational leaders speeds up and become more efficient.
  • Workflows can be formed depending on the business requirements of the organization.

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