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The new features of rich SharePoint Online


The New features of Rich SharePoint Online

The recent improved features of SharePoint Online are mind blowing. It enables features rich UI, active personal life sharing, enhanced storage limits, robust admin tools and high end cloud development. It is beneficial to all categories of people like users, Project managers, Developers and IT professionals. In this blog I want to discuss the latest features of SharePoint Online.

1. Enriched user interface: The rich user interface is easy to navigate and helps you achieve common tasks easily. This user interface enables easy drag and drop documents, pictures and other files to the library of your site. You can use ‘On hover’ feature to open, share, follow and view a document. Using ‘Office Web Apps Edit’ any one can edit the document on your behalf, even through Extranet. The ‘Universal Office 365 top navigation’ feature help to get directly where you want to go. So helps you save time.

2. Enables Sky Drive Pro: Using this employee can sync and share document and collaborate documents with others and even access it from anywhere, anytime. It also enables administrators to control, protect and manage the entire content life cycle.

3. Offers Yammer: Helps organizations to connect to social media immediately. Now the employees and others can post feeds, posts, comments on your document or file. You can even ‘like’ a particular post, post videos, images, links of document and even URL’s.

4. Guest Links made available: With the help of this feature you can share folders files and documents and invite others from inside and outside to share and collaborate. You can even choose a relevant permission level. You can give permission to some to just read, while others get permission to write.

5. Feature rich Public website: The public website comes with new designs, more web parts, better SEO properties and enhanced designs. You can choose it to be invisible on the interest when it is under construction and make it visible when you want it to be.

6. Enables powerful site Mailbox: This feature is the result of the combination of SharePoint Online’s document management and exchange Online’s email solutions to get powerful Site Mailbox.

7. Enables improved Enterprise Search: Enterprise Search becomes effective with the help of ‘On Hover’ features. You can easily view a person’s contact card and other personal details. You can have a preview of document with the help of Deep links that find the deep contents.

8. Enables Power shell: The SharePoint Online administrators can use ‘Power shell’ to create new site, upgrade it, add or remove online users and groups, repair or edit sites and manage recycle bin. These tasks can be created, automated and performed to save time and reduce errors.

After reading this blog, you would have got a fairly good idea about the improved version of SharePoint Online. Use it and enjoy the benefits to improve business efficiency.Paper writing service Buy essays here

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