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Microsoft Web parts are ready to use wonder widgets that can be used to modify the pages of then website directly from the browser. These wonder widgets enhance the functionalities of SharePoint environment. We provide customized web part solutions to suit your business needs.

The different types of Web Parts are:

  • SharePoint Web Parts: This web part can be used only in SharePoint websites.
  • SharePoint Web Part Infrastructure: This is based on SP web part manager.
  • Custom Web Part: Using customized user interface a user can add, delete and configure a web part
  • Connectable Web Part: This web part can be used to exchange information using a set of interface.

Below listed are some web parts and uses:

  • SharePoint Outlook integration: Integrates mails and attachments with SharePoint lists and libraries.
  • SharePoint Team discussion: Used to display discussion with team members in an effective way.
  • SharePoint Document Viewer: Used to view any Microsoft PDF document, images of the SharePoint library.
  • SharePoint Tasks: Used to make a ‘to do’ list and streamline tasks.
  • SharePoint Password change and expiration: Used to change password and notifies expiry dates.
  • SharePoint Calendar: Used to give information about meetings, deadlines, last dates and other relevant dates of any official event.
  • SharePoint Links: Used to find links that may be useful to increase business efficiency.
  • SharePoint Rich Text Boost: Used to add integrating attractive and interactive images to the SharePoint text.
  • SharePoint Site User: Used to find out the list of users.

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