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Record Management

Record Management

Houston Records Management Solution for Microsoft SharePoint

A record is actually a document, electronic or physical entity in an organization which is a proof to that activity or action performed by members of the organization.

The features of Record Management are:

  • Decides which documents are termed as records.
  • Finalize how to handle active documents.
  • Decides how documents should be collected and stored.
  • Provide technological solutions and processes to manage records.
  • Decides how long a document should be retained to nullify legal issues.
  • Tells us how to dispose old records.
  • Provides security solutions to protect the existing records.

The benefits are:

  • Fosters easy record keeping and maintaining.
  • Users need not worry about record management.
  • Business efficiency, manageability and scalability of an enterprise enhances.

Steps to follow while implementing SharePoint record management system:

  • Your organization is unique and it may need unique record management. So identify and understand the record management requirements of your organization.
  • Analyze the requirement
  • Develop a file plan and retention plan
  • Plan email integration
  • Plan and execute reporting and documentation

If you are on the lookout for a SharePoint record management service provider, please contact us @ (281) 940-7999.

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